About Us

The craft of India is diverse and rich in history and religion. The handicraft of India have been valued throughout time, their existence today proves the efforts put in their preservation and innovations. The history of Indian handicrafts goes back to almost 5000 years from now. There are various examples of handicrafts from the Indus Valley Civilization. The tradition of crafts in India has grown around the ruling elites. In addition to this foreign and domestic trade have also played an important role in the evolution of different craft forms in India.

This is the reason Sufi Bazaar India has come up with this newest concept to promote Sufi Goods and Handicrafts of India, Turkey, and Iran to bind them together. It is a well-planned and organized platform to provide Employment to women, physically challenged and people living below poverty line in India.


As the Sufi reached India mainly by land route from Hijaz (Saudi Arab) crossing Persian empire. So the regional Art came along with them from Persia. Irani goods and handicrafts are being promoted as they have a direct effect on the Our Indian Heritage Monuments, Forts, Palaces, Literature, Dargah and Institutions which survived many centuries.

Inspiration for Sufi Culture

Sufi Bazar India has been inspired by building the Sufi Culture and giving the artisans from different places the platform to showcase their ability and expertise to the world at one place. For Turkish goods and handicrafts, the realistic relation is with Ottoman Empire and its Cultural treasure under whom the Sufism flourished and Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi (R.A), who is the inspiration for those who want the Spiritual journey as their path of getting Peace.


The vision of Sufi Ajmal Nizami and Dargah Nizamuddin Aulia Trust is to “share the Sufi culture” for promoting the art that kept heart, mind, body and soul united with peace for many centuries. It also has the vision to make India a developed country where no one is unemployed or below the poverty line even if they are physically challenged.